Have you ever thought…

Will I ever have peace?

 I wish I could quit, but I need to pay bills or
 I need more time for myself but I have so much to do?

Are you:

…burnt out on life
…on autopilot
…feeling unappreciated

I Hear You!

Let’s face it. We, humans, tend to think that we are unable, undesirable or unwanted.  We all want to be heard and taken seriously by those we consider our peers.  I am here to tell you that help and hope are on the way.
For years I have struggled with feeling at the bottom of life. Every day became a struggle to just get up and go. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t (and still can’t some nights)put my thoughts to bed. It was like this never-ending circle.  I became irritable, at times unlovable and downright disgusted with myself. Being a wife, parent, foster parent, grandparent, an employee of several different types of work made it hard to keep going. Plus being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis didn’t make life any easier.  If anything that seemed to give me more of an excuse for my pity parties!

Peace over control

I made a conscious decision that if I would let God take control, my life may just improve. Could I really do this thing called trust? Oh, how I wanted to just give up. Could I give up control over my wants and what I thought I needed? Little did I realize at that time, giving up was just what He wanted me to do.
This all started to happen when daily devotions became part of my daily routine. Not an hour or even a half hour but just taking time through my day to listen to Christian radio, read a five-minute devotion and prayer.
Like the hymn says;”God gave me back my tomorrows.” He did this in so many miraculous ways. I can’t begin to tell you them all. He has taught me how to love again, to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and myself, to care about others before myself, and mostly to realize that He is the only one that really matters.  Only Jesus can bring that peace that passes all understanding.

Let work together

I have countless hours of studying/being parenting, psychology, how to’s and now I want to encourage others with the love that God has for us all. So why the name Quilter’s Lair? Yes. I love to quilt.  Quilting to me is relaxing, enjoying the quiet time of peace and my fabric. (yes, I have a lot of fabric!) But Quilter’s Lair (Lair means home) is more than that. This is a place for you to come and be refreshed. Take a few minutes out of your day to smile, wrap up in your favorite quilt.
By following my blog and website quilterslair.org I hope you will laugh, know that you are not alone, and just breathe on this river we call life.

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